Is iPhone 8 worth buying in 2020?

iphone 8 was a flagship phone of apple three years ago. They have so much of legacy and brand image that it is very hard to overlook even today. You can get it for around $500 now and seems like a good buy. But, is iPhone 8 worth buying in 2020? Let us dig deeper in a completely different way.

is iPhone 8 worth buying
A beautiful iphone.
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Display– is iPhone 8 worth your money in 2020?

This is the first thing to see if you put an iPhone 8 alongside other phones released this year. As you know, the iPhone 8 has a huge forehead and chin for a phone sold in 2020. In fact, the screen to body ratio of iPhone 8 is 65.6% and iPhone 8 plus is 67.7% which are nowhere close to 82.9% of iPhone X or  87.57 % of Samsung s10.

is iPhone 8 worth it in 2020
Display of every iPhones are color accurate and produces true to the life pictures.
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Higher the number more the usable area. iPhone 8 has a screen of 4.7 inches compared to 6.1 inch of iPhone XR despite the phone only slightly bigger than iPhone 8. You will get a bigger display for the price difference of $100. 

iphone XR is a good comparison

iphone XR is a previous generation phone launched alongside iPhone XS. That means, It has a better hardware than iPhone 8 albeit higher price. 

Let it be an apple to apple comparison

But, There is a Notch

buying an iPhone 8
The notch on iPhone XR
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Yes, there’s a notch. Quite frankly, the notch is inevitable for apple. Important hardwares like infrared sensor, 3d depth sensor and camera takes a lot of space and are in the notch.  Those are responsible for the smooth performance of face id, Memoji and Animoji. But, it is not going to bother so much because apple made ios from scratch embracing the notch. You will get used to it in a day or two. I was comfortable within minutes of usage as it felt just natural. The display is anyway better than iPhone 8. 

The camera

The brilliant 12-megapixel camera of Iphone 8 can take top notch photographs and insanely good videos. The built in HDR feature is very fast and handy most of the time. But, iPhone XR takes your photography to the next level. It has a better 12-megapixel sensor from iPhone Xs. The HDR now uses Artificial intelligence from second gen neural engine processor. The portrait mode can add a creamy bokeh to your photos. The portrait lighting mode emulates a professional studio like lighting setup for selfies. When it comes to video, the iPhone XR can also do HDR recording along with outstanding visual quality.

iPhone camera
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Front camera

The sensor resolution is same in both the phones; a 7-megapixel shooter. But the front camera in iPhone XR can do bokeh and Portrait Lighting with six effects. With the face id sensors Animoji, Memoji and HDR videos are possible. A software video stabilisation adds a nice touch to already great camera. You will get a better camera for a difference of %100.

App compatibility:

16:9 phones are long gone and this is a decade for taller displays. In days to come developers will make apps with taller aspect ratio in mind. Thus many apps can see the truncated versions on iPhone 8 compared to iPhone X or later. You don’t want to miss out with your favourite app, do you? Thats another score for iPhone XR for a difference of $100.

A different approach for controlling the phone.

Unlike recent androids, navigating through iPhones have always been easier. iPhone 8 has the legacy home button and swipe to go back gesture as the main UI navigation commands. Those were great once we get a hold of it. Multi tasking was a piece of cake. Touch ID worked seamlessly.

buying an iPhone 8
Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

But, home button has to say a good bye now, all thanks to edge to edge display trend. Fortunately, Face ID took the place of Touch ID and the revolutionary gesture control took care of the UI. In comparison, gestures are far more easier and feels natural to use the phone . You only need a few hours or a day to get used to it. You will get a fancy yet much useful UI controls for $100 difference.

Battery backup

The battery backup of iPhone 8 is good and won’t disappoint. The A11 Bionic chip is very powerful yet frugal means it uses less battery. The screen being small, the battery consumption is slightly low. The backup is just fine for a day of use. You might want it to charge in between if you’re a heavy user. Else the battery is quite enough for an average user. Having said that, the battery of iPhone XR is huge and offered the best back up of any iPhones on its release. This phone is slightly taller and thicker giving room for a beefy 2,942 mAh battery.

iPhone battery
Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

In comparison, iphone 8 has only 1,821 mAh and iphone 8 plus has 2,675 mAh of battety capacity. Bigger battery coupled with a very efficient A12 Bionic processor ensures excellent backup. Thats is Talk time of 25 hours compared to 14 hours of iPhone 8. No disappointments even if you’re a heavy user. You get approximately 60% more battery capacity and 11 hours more talk time for $100. Wow! For some , this alone is worth buying an iPhone XR over an iPhone 8 in 2020.

Future proofing is worth it

Like body and soul, the beautiful hardware imperatively needs a well fitting software. Apple keeps polishing their softwares even for their old and discontinued devices. I am amazed that apple supported iphone 5s for 6 years until 2019.

buying an iPhone 8 in 2020

iphone 8 will for sure receive long term support following the apple trend. It has enough processor and memory to run the future IOS softwares efficiently. But, apple has adopted the large screen design philosophy after iphoneX. Hence, the latest phones need a different approach of development where iphone 8 will not fit in. That means, you will get much longer support for iPhone XR than you would get for an iPhone 8. So, you get to keep the phone XR for a significantly longer period of time which is a big value for your $100.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying iphone 8 in 2020?

iphone 8 is not at all a bad phone by any means. It is still worth buying an iPhone 8 today. But iPhone XR is even more value for the money, honestly. You will get 

Bigger and better display, better camera, better app compatibility, way better battery backup and very long term support from apple.

All for an extra $100. Not to forget the better resale value of iPhone XR compared to iPhone 8. That $100 extra bill on an iPhone XR is definitely worth it and you don’t likely need to upgrade your phone for a few years.